A tempo: in original speed; usually follows a section where the tempo has changed
•Holst/Wright: Moorside Suite (movt. II) (a tempo ms. 69 @5:06)

Accelerando: gradually increase tempo
•Arnold/Paynter: Four Scottish Dances (movt. IV: H)
•Ticheli: Blue Shades (ms. 308) (accel. poco a poco)

Adagio: slowly; leisurely
•Jacob: Music for a Festival (movt. IV)
•Jacob: Music for a Festival (movt. V)
•Holst: Hammersmith (beginning) (poco adagio)
•Holst/Wright: Moorside Suite (movt. II: beginning)
•Husa: Music for Prague 1968 (movt. IV: four before V) (uses 32nd notes in faster sounding part)

Allargando: gradually slower and broader
•Hindemith: Symphony in Bb (movt. III: K) (poco a poco allergando)

Allegretto: a little lively; moderately fast; slightly slower than allegro
•Arnold/Paynter: Four Scottish Dances (movt. III: beginning)
•Bennett: Suite of Old American Dances (beginning)
•Schuman: George Washington Bridge (ms. 42)

Allegro: quick and lively
•Vaughan Williams: English Folk Song Suite (movt. III)
•Jacob: Music for a Festival (movt. VIII)(molto allegro e brilliante)
•Ives: Country Band March
•Holst: Second Suite (movt. I: March) (beginning)
•Copland/Beeler: Lincoln Portrait (57)
•Vaughn Williams: Sea Songs (beginning)

Allegro con brio: lively with spirit
•Reed: La Fiesta Mexicana (movt. III: 18)

Allegro con spirito: lively with spirit
•Reed: La Fiesta Mexicana (movt. III: 22)

Allegro moderato:
•Holst: First Suite in Eb (movt. I)
•Jacob: Music for a Festival (movt. III)
•Jacob: Music for a Festival (movt. XI: 13 after A)

Allegro molto: very lively
•Shostakovich: Folk Dances (7)

Allegro vivace: very lively
•Jacob: Music for a Festival (movt. II)

Allegro vivolively, animated or brisk manner
•Schuman: Chester Overture for Band (ms. 38)

Andantewalking tempo; moderately slow
•Holst: Second Suite in F (movt. II)
•Del Borgo: Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night (beginning)

Andantinorelaxed , moderate tempo
•Vaughan Williams: English Folk Song Suite (movt. II)

Gravevery slow and solemn
•Jacob: Music for a Festival (movt. I: beginning) (grave e maestoso)
•Jacob: Music for a Festival (movt. XI) (grave maestoso)

Largamente: slow and broad
•Hanson: Chorale and Alleluia (Beginning)

Largobroad and slow
•Reed: La Fiesta Mexicana (movt. II: 12)
•Chance: Incantation and Dance (beginning)

Lent: slow or broad
•Milhaud: Suite Francaise (movt. II)
•Milhaud: Suite Francaise (movt. IV)

Lento: slow and calm
•Jacob: Music for a Festival (movt. VII) (alla saraband)
•Copland/Beeler: Lincoln Portarait (beginning)

L’istesso tempo: in the same speed
•Holst: First Suite in Eb (movt. II: C)
•Copland: An Outdoor Overture (ms. 110)

Maestoso: majestically; stately
•Holst: First Suite in Eb (movt. III: beginning) (moderato e maestoso)
•Holst: First Suite in Eb  (movt. I: F to end)
•Vaughan Williams: Flourish for Wind Band
•Jacob: Music for a Festival (movt. I) (grave e maestoso)
•Holst: Second Suite in F (movt. III) (moderato e maestoso)

Meno mossoless motion; a little slower
•Holst: First Suite in Eb (movt. III: 46 after D)
•Arnold/Paynter: Four Scottish Dances (movt. II: E)
•Jacob: Music for a Festival
•Reed: La Fiesta Mexicana (Mvt. III: 3 before 22)
•Holst: Hammersmith (20 after L)

•Bennett: Suite of Old American Dances (beginning movt. II)

Non troppo: not too much
•Jacob: Music for a Festival (movt. X) (Tempo di menuetto non troppo lento)
•Jacob: Music for a Festival (movt. IX) (allegro con spirito ma non troppo)

Piu mossomore motion; a little faster
•Holst: First Suite in Eb (movt. III: 46 after D)
•Hanson: Chorale and Alleluia (14: occurs at 2:38)

Poco accelarando: gradually quicken tempo a little
•Shostakovich/Reynolds: Folk Dances
•Ticheli: Blue Shades (ms. 308-319)

Poco piu mosso: a little more motion
•Hanson: Chorale and Alleluia (section 14 occurs at 2:38)
•Whitaker: October (10 after D)

Prestissimo: as fast as possible

Prestovery, very fast
•Barnes Chance: Incantation and Dance (ms. 33)

Quicken bit by bit: gradually increase tempo
•Grainger: Shephard’s Hey (ms. 82-end)

Rallentandoslackening in tempo; becoming slower
•Holst: Hammersmith (22 before M)
•Holst/Wright: Moorside Suite (movt. II) (rall. ms.68 @ 5:02)

Ritardandogradually slow the tempo
•Jacob: Music for a Festival (movt. VIII: 22 after E)
•Jacob: Music for a Festival (movt. XI: C) (molto)
•Whitaker: October (E) (rit. e dim. poco a poco)

Ritardando al finegradually slow the tempo until the end
•Holst: First Suite in Eb (movt. I: 9 after F)

Rubato: not in strict tempo
•Ticheli: Blue Shades (ms. 284)
•Whitaker: October (beginning) (rubato assai-con moto y rubato)

Tempo di marcia: march style
•Holst: First Suite in Eb (movt III)

Tempo guistoin exact time

Tempo Ireturn to original tempo
•Holst: Hammersmith (19 before M)

Viflively; quickly
•Milhaud: Suite Francaise (movt. III)

Vivacevery lively
•Arnold/Paynter: Four Scottish Dances (movt. II)
•Reed: La Fiesta Mexicana (movt. I: 7)
•Holst: Hammersmith (20 after B)
•Arnold/Johnstone: English Dances Set 1 (movt. II: beginning)