Alla marcia: in the style of a march

Anime: lively and animated
Milhaud: Suite Francaise (movt. I)

Brio: spirit; vigour
•Arnold/Paynter: Four Scottish Dances (movt. IV: beginning)
•Reed: La Fiesta Mexicana (movt. III: 18) (allegro con brio)

Broadly: music should slow down slightly, broadening the beat and pulse

Cantabile: in a singing style
•Arnold/Paynter: Four Scottish Dances (movt. III: pick up to C)
•Vaughan Williams: English Folk Song Suite (movt. I: ms. 33)
•Jacob: Music for a Festival (movt. VIII: D)
•Bernstein/Grundman: Overture to “Candide” (ms. 83)
•Vaughan Williams: Sea Songs (pick up to F)

Con larghezzawith broadness

Dolce: sweetly
•Persichetti: Divertimento for Band op. 42 (movt. V)
•Jacob: Music for a Festival (movt. IV) (dolce ed espressivo)
•Bennett: Suite of Old American Dances (movt. IV: ms. 63-81)
•Ticheli: Cajun Folk Songs II (ms. 34)
•Ticheli: Simple Gifts Mvt. III (ms. 9)
•Holt: First Suite in Eb
•Bernstein/Grundman: Overture to “Candide” (ms. 83)

Dolcissimo: greater degree of sweetly
•Chance: Elegy (ms. 28)
•Bennett: Suite of Old American Dances (movt. IV: ms. 81-99)

Elegical: mournful or sad
•Ticheli: Cajun Folk Songs II (movt. I)

Etherial: light, airy, delicate
•Ticheli: Shenandoah (ms. 41)

Espressivo/Expressive: to play expressively; play with appropriate dynamics and feeling
•Persichetti: Divertimento for Band op. 42 (movt. II)
•Schuman: Chester Overture (ms. 212)
•Arnold/Paynter: Four Scottish Dances (movt. III H)
•Persichetti: Psalm for Band (ms. 42)
•Arnold/Johnstone: English Dances Set 1 (movt. III: beginning)
•Copland: An Outdoor Overture

Fuoco: fire
•Schuman: Chester Overture (ms. 229-end)

Grazioso: gracefully

Larghezza: broadness

Leggero: light
•Schuman: George Washington Bridge (ms. 42)

Leggiero: lightly
•Holst/Wright: A Moorside Suite (movt. III: ms. 28)
•Bourgeois: Serenade (beginning) (background rhythmic part)

Misterioso: mysteriously
•Copland/Beeler: Lincoln Portarait (beginning)
•Husa: Music for Prague 1968 (movt. III)

Pastoral: peaceful and simple

Pesante: heavy; emphatic
•Holst: First Suite in Eb (movt. I: 8 before C)
•Arnold/Paynter: Four Scottish Dances
•Holst: Hammersmith (3 before J)

Sarabond: dance in triple meter
•Jacob: Music for a Festival (movt. VII)

Scherzando: in a playful manner
•Vaughan Williams: English Folk Song Suite
•Tull: Sketches On a Tudor Psalm (ms. 73)

Scherzoshort, humorous piece that may or may not be part of a larger work
•Jacob: Music for a Festival (movt. VIII: beginning)

Secco: dryly; extremely separated
•Salfelder: Catherdrals (ms. 121 flute/bassoon/oboe)

Serenly: calm; peaceful
•McBeth: Of Sailors and Whales (movt. I: beginning)

Sonoredeep or ringing sound: resonant
•Copland/Beeler: Lincoln Portrait (147) (in brass part)

Spirito: spirited
•Reed: La Fiesta Mexicana (movt. III) (22) (allegro con spririto)