Accent:  to stress or add emphasis to a note
•Schuman: Chester Overture (ms. 195)
•Grainger: Children’s March (ms. 213)
•Bennett: Suite of Old American Dances (movt. V: ms. 105)
•Bennett: Suite of Old American Dances (movt. V: ms. 193-end)
•Reed: La Fiesta Mexicana (movt. III: 33-end)

Legatissimo (molto): exceedingly smooth and connected
Hanson: Chorale and Alleluia (beginning)

Legato: in a smooth, flowing manner; connected
Holst: Holst First Suite in Eb (movt. I)
•Hanson: Chorale and Alleluia (section 24)
•Jacob: Music for a Festival (movt. V: beginning) (molto legato e sost.)
•Schuman: Chester Overture (ww) (ms. 1-16)
•Schuman: Chester Overture (ww and brass) (ms. 1-37)
•Copland/Beeler: Lincoln Portarait (39)
•Holst/Wright: A Moorside Suite (movt. II: ms. 27)

Marcatissimo: with very strong accent
Copland: Emblems (49)

Marcato: marked; played with emphasis
•Vaughan Williams: English Folk Song Suite (movt. I: ms. 64)
•Vaughan Williams: English Folk Song Suite (movt. III: ms.29)
•Copland: Emblems (48)
•Arnold/Johnstone: English Dances Set 1 (movt. IV: beginning)
•Jacob: Music for a Festival (movt. I: beginning) (Marcato symbol ^)
•Jacob: Music for a Festival (movt. VI: B) (Marcato symbol ^)
•Ticheli: Simple Gifts (movt. II: ms. 73) (Marcato symbol ^)

Portato (staccato with tenuto or staccato with slur): held, but separated
•Salfelder: Catherdrals (ms. 15-41)

sffz (sforzato): played with emphasis
•McBeth: Of Sailors and Whales (movt. IV: ms. 3)

Sforzando: loud sudden accent
•Persichetti: Divertimento for Band op. 42 (movt. IV: ms. 1)
•Holsinger: Havendance (ms. 178-189)
•Gould: Ballad for Band (ms. 55)

Slur: a line connecting two notes of different pitches to be played connected
•Jacob: Music for a Festival (movt. VI: D)
•Jacob: William Byrd Suite (movt. VI)

Sostenuto: sustained, lengthened
•Jacob: Music for a Festival (movt. V) (molto legtao e sost.)
•Chance: Elegy (ms. 78)
•Whitaker: October (H) (maestoso, sostenuto)
•Del Borgo: Do Not Go Gentle (beginning)

Staccato: detached, separated
•Ticheli: Blue Shades (ms. 173)
•Schuman: Chester Overture (ms. 172)
•Schuman: Chester Overture (ms. 102)
•Bennett: Suite of Old American Dances (movt. IV ms. 55)
•Copland: An Outdoor Overture (ms. 43)
•Grainger: Molly On the Shore (beginning)
•Holst/Wright: A Moorside Suite (movt. III ms.161)
•Schuman: George Washington Bridge (ms. 42)

Staccato accent: detached, separated with emphasis
•Maslanka: Mother Earth (to end)

Tenuto: held full value
•Bennett: Suite of Old American Dances (movt. V: ms. 147-161)
•Tull: Sketches on a Tudor Psalm (ms. 41-61)
•Reed: La Fiesta Mexicana (movt. II: 12)