Ideas for Lessons

The mission of Listen2Learn is to provide easily accessible musical clips from both quality literature and performances. It will strive to help directors and students develop their understanding of musical concepts and in return their performance of literature. This website will continue to grow with playing examples and vocabulary words.

*If using an android device, hold down the link and open it in a new tab for percise excerpt. Do not view clips in the YouTube app.


•Use as playing examples when teaching or reinforcing a concept.

•Play all clips from a concept and have students choose which they feel is the best example.

•Play two examples from contrasting concepts. Have students compare and contrast.

•Show students 2-4 terms on the board. Play one example and have the students pick which concept is being highlighted. (Choose wisely. Clips can show more than one musical concept.)

•Use the solo/soli excerpts to introduce unique instruments to students or demonstrate proper tone quality.

•Use full recordings for quick access to music as students enter and exit the band room.

Create a scavenger hunt for students to explore the site learning concepts and repertoire.

Copy and paste clips into your own slideshow or document to create a personal teaching tool.

Full Length Recordings page has a link to for program notes.

•Students can create their own concert program using the pieces found on this website. They can write a paper supporting why they selected the pieces and how each compliments or contrasts one another. (Perfect for when a sub plan is needed.)

•Make copies of the Tempo Page (coming soon). Have students use a QR Code Reader (extention available on Chromebooks) and place the 6 tempos in order of slowest to fastest, or students can label the tempos using the vocabulary words: Vivace, Allegro, Andante. If students use their phone, they cannot use the YouTube app. They must open clips in a new tab.